A common concern for any high school graduate who is beginning to take their first college life steps is feeling insecure about their future. Many tend to idealize their journey through the classroom in a different way, which can cause some uncertainty related to the possibility of not meeting these expectations. This is why many college students will see the need for counseling and how it can help them during this transition.

Express Concerns

Facing the "filter" subjects of each career, a deficient knowledge base, among other scenarios, can generate certain difficulties in the study process and, therefore, confronting these doubts and seeking clarification is very important to avoid major problems. For this reason, the teacher encourages to form study networks with their classmates or to be part of the tutoring process of their respective school, which is coordinated by a teacher who is a member of the school and who will be given the task of carrying out different academic activities, in conjunction with other teachers and students to achieve student progress.


"Something very important is that it is planned, that the student makes an agenda where he indicates the hours in which he is going to study from the beginning because the semester is fast and in the first month there is at least one partial," says the teacher, referring to the importance of the creation of study habits by the student. This is linked to the fact that the effectiveness of a well-structured study plan should not be underestimated. Each semester has several subjects, which vary in their content and their approach, therefore, it is necessary to have the time correctly for each one.

Social relationships are important

It is important not to feel alone, support you on a personal and relational level, and academically. Having a study group is vital, because no one will study the four or five years of the degree alone. Most of the subjects require refining teamwork since it is not only evaluated through the application of exams but also with dynamics such as group workshops, presentation of projects and exhibitions, in which a good relationship between the team members will make more enjoyable the development of the activity and will significantly improve the final product.

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